My Blog is Bigger Than Yours Tee

my blog is bigger than yours T-shirt by Toxic Toy

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The Fashion Look Book on Youtube

do you know this the look book website ?

well i found the same concept but it calls the video look book

check it out on youtube

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is lady gaga Trashing Her Birkin ?!

What else Lady Gaga dare not to do? This time, she wrote some Japanese on her Hermes Birkin bag when her Monster Ball tour in Japan.

she was snapped walking through the airport carrying abright white Birkin with the message ‘I love Little Monster, Tokyo love’ for her japanese follower ..

And that wasn’t all. As if graffitiing all over her beautiful Birkin wasn’t enough, she also had the same message scrawled up her lower arm, next to her real ‘Little Monsters’ tattoo.

she really like the idea ! so she studded her another Birkin another bag !

and she loves the idea even more  !! she did the same thig with a bigger bag 🙂

Personally, I still think it rocks. It’s her bag… she can do what she wants with it!

Birkin-worshipper victoria beckham would have tears in her eyes if she caught sight of these pics.

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Chanel N.5

Chanel No. 5 is the first fragrance launched by coco chanel and has been on sale continuously since its introduction in 1921. It has been described as “the world’s most legendary fragrance,” and ranks on the top places in the perfumery sales charts. It remains the best-selling fragrance of perfum chanel and the company estimates that a bottle is sold worldwide every 55 seconds.

it was created by the french perfumer Ernest Beaux

Look familiar? Its Place Vendome in Paris, France.  It also inspired the first Chanel #5 perfume bottle.

its really fun to see the old sketches of the bottles, and even how they have evolved over the years..

Chanel called the workers Metier d’Art. All the work is done manually, bottle by bottle, it takes them around 7 months training.

The 3 stage technique complies in using a very thin rubber which looks like a thin skin, the skin is quickly wrapped around the bottle neck and lid. Secondly, the black cord is meticulously wrapped around the seal and then cut. Finally the hot wax is applied onto the same spot and marked twice with the Chanel logo.

chanel.5  promotion film ..

chanel .5 bottle ideas


obama change tee – chanel bottle inspired tee

wildfox chanel inspired bag

hehe nice  ..

just in love

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SOBO Fashion Store – Mumbai

SOBO is a multi brands fashion store with beautiful Tiffany Blue color and amazing accessories collection love the store really fun

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Fortune Cookie Summer Collection

Check out Fortune Cookie amazing summer collection ..

of dresses , tees , accessories and flip-flops ..

Fortune cookie located in karizma next to alameri hospital

Contact: 94018600

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i Don’t See Chanel ???

In chanel 2011 resort collection !

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Karl Lagerfeld Coca-Cola

Karl Lagerfeld has designed a Coca-Cola light aluminum bottle. The designer’s silhouette is part of the bottle’s design. The bottle also contains Karl Lagerfeld’s signature. The designer bottle comes in a special box with a bottle opener hidden in a drawer. The french boutique Colette will begin selling the limited edition bottle on April 24th. You can order it here.

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Manish Arora Store – india

i went to manish arora mumbai store and this is how it looks

and this is what i like !

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attic – india

attic : Fashion & lifestyle Store with a platform of fresh new talent featuring over a dozen designers from across the country.
designs that are contemporary, artsy, quirky.

in an ambience that lets you discover, to explore because you never know what you’ll find in the attic.

attic was founded by four young women – rixi bhatia, amrita deliwala, tinka bhatia and shweta deliwala, a.k.a. the attic rats.

and this is what i got from attic ..

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