Meet yasser Gaessa

Yasser Gaessa was born on the 14th of March, 1970 in Egypt. A Cartoonist where his work included several types and contents, ranging from political comic strips, portraits, children’s books and more.

Gaessa graduated in 1993 with a degree by the Graphic and Cartoon department in the faculty of Fine Arts in Helwan University..

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My Blog is Bigger Than Yours Tee

my blog is bigger than yours T-shirt by Toxic Toy

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Good Morning

having a capuchino in a indian way ..

etha7kon !

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India You Disgust Me

Today i went to a place called boleshor market in india ..

i went there because they told me this is the only place i can get the trucks decoration or i have to go to a 2 hours drive to get them ..

so i went there in this narrow road with a alot of people holding boxes shouting, pushing and you can barley walk around the cows and the cows poop every ware you don’t know what to do ?  .. but it gets worse … it rains  .. a very heavy rain ..

the situation was me in my sandal  , cow poop everywhere  .. a lot o rain .. the car is so far ..

i decided to stand under one of the shops covers so i was standing next to this sweet nice lady 🙂

her name is khadeja she’s muslim !  thats it ! i cant tell you anything more coz i can’t speak hendi and she don’t speak english .. so Da3ena ana ma3aha hehe o 5af elme6ar o mishena .. she so cute ma sketat 6ol ma7na wagfeen !! o ana mo fahmatha 😛

we9a5 we9a5 we9a5 !! its not  a normal we9a5 !!

PS: mo no3ey anerif min kil shay wala 7asasa bas elyom ‘3ear

i washed my feet coz i felt disgusted ,lots of nasty things was on my feet ..

and surprise !! a cow poop on my jeans ???? eeeewwwww i really wanted to go back home to take a shower.. but i needed to go and pick up my husband from work and that took me 1 hour !

india in monsoon disgust me

* i couldn’t buy the truck decoration ..

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Now i Got My Husband ..

this post for samar , reham, farah and me 😉

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The Fashion Look Book on Youtube

do you know this the look book website ?

well i found the same concept but it calls the video look book

check it out on youtube

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is lady gaga Trashing Her Birkin ?!

What else Lady Gaga dare not to do? This time, she wrote some Japanese on her Hermes Birkin bag when her Monster Ball tour in Japan.

she was snapped walking through the airport carrying abright white Birkin with the message ‘I love Little Monster, Tokyo love’ for her japanese follower ..

And that wasn’t all. As if graffitiing all over her beautiful Birkin wasn’t enough, she also had the same message scrawled up her lower arm, next to her real ‘Little Monsters’ tattoo.

she really like the idea ! so she studded her another Birkin another bag !

and she loves the idea even more  !! she did the same thig with a bigger bag 🙂

Personally, I still think it rocks. It’s her bag… she can do what she wants with it!

Birkin-worshipper victoria beckham would have tears in her eyes if she caught sight of these pics.

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العرب ما خلو شي !!

i really love abdulrahman rafee3 .. he is funny and she3ra bel 3ameya so its fun  and i love the way he talks hehe 6aregta momayaza

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Exotic Living With Style Blogs

exotic events

exotic interiors

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ToYs Furniture

by Robert Bradford

by greg lynn

by Fernando and Humberto

by Ryan McElhinney

you can do it 😉

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