Chanel N.5

Chanel No. 5 is the first fragrance launched by coco chanel and has been on sale continuously since its introduction in 1921. It has been described as “the world’s most legendary fragrance,” and ranks on the top places in the perfumery sales charts. It remains the best-selling fragrance of perfum chanel and the company estimates that a bottle is sold worldwide every 55 seconds.

it was created by the french perfumer Ernest Beaux

Look familiar? Its Place Vendome in Paris, France.  It also inspired the first Chanel #5 perfume bottle.

its really fun to see the old sketches of the bottles, and even how they have evolved over the years..

Chanel called the workers Metier d’Art. All the work is done manually, bottle by bottle, it takes them around 7 months training.

The 3 stage technique complies in using a very thin rubber which looks like a thin skin, the skin is quickly wrapped around the bottle neck and lid. Secondly, the black cord is meticulously wrapped around the seal and then cut. Finally the hot wax is applied onto the same spot and marked twice with the Chanel logo.

chanel.5  promotion film ..

chanel .5 bottle ideas


obama change tee – chanel bottle inspired tee

wildfox chanel inspired bag

hehe nice  ..

just in love


June 10, 2010. ALL, FASHION.

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