Coming Soon … Can’t Wait ! the local online shopping website soon will be

with a new concept and amazing branding ..

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Mostaqilla GUST

القائمة المستقلة تفوز للعام الثامن على التوالى بانتخابات جامعة الخليج للعلوم والتكنولوجيا، وجاءت النتائج كالتالي

القائمة المستقلة –  1073 صوت
قائمة 1962 – 672
قائمة الوسط الديموقراطي – 426

mabrook what an amazing work and amazing group .. mwafeeen o testahlon 🙂

PS: loooove the design and notes idea

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Shopping:What i Got From … 6 hand made glasses .. lovely

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Embarrassing Hilarious TV Moment

loool ma etraga3 !!

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Luxury ipad Cases, Jewelry & Makeup Bags

at fortune cookie at karizma

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Barbie Jewelry Parts

the price tag of this brooch is 1600 $

this collection is designed by margaux lange

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Portugal Vending Machines

i got this pic from my sister while she was in Portugal and this is what they  get by their Vending Machines ! books ..

god they are so different .. the only things we get is chocolate and toys ..

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My First bryani

i dont really know how to cook and they told me about this electric rise cooker .. i tried it and its really good ..

what i need to do rise add water and the baryani flavor spices and press that magic button and taraaa ! its done

i added some chicken in there .. the amicana shawarma chicken box ..

taste really nice and my husband loved it..

i really love machines with button hehe : turkish coffee post

ps: elshe6a elmilas shkobra 7ag ni9 jeder hehe

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What an interesting Rugs

dar.nur brings you a colourful collection of vintage Anatolian rugs!

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