Lovely Pink Tea

my apple & cinnamon tea .. yammy with an amazing aroma

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Shopping: My Christian Louboutin Clutch Bag

This is my 50KD Christian Louboutin Clutch Bag witch i got  in 80% discount from the underline store in the avenues ..

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Banana Split ice cream in India

i was by the pool and i wanted to order a banana split ice cream ! i know sha5bary ! bas i really wanted  to eat it by the pool like the old days ..

and this is what i got !!! ummm thats not what i was expecting !

i thought i will get something like this !

yah in india they do it differently hehe

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Shopping : What i Got From Forever 21 !

the  rings and the bag is 2.500 KD each

not bad at all haa !

i love

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jam3eyat Elshamiya Casher

i don’t know why they need this !  it takes a lot of my time and its looks funny cheni da5la bank mo jam3eya !

i don’t know when did they started this bas tawni ashofha !

they take your cash and enter them in the machine one by one in the right category .. and to get your change ! check the next pic !

al7en ma te6awaraw ela bhathy !

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india Blackberry ad

ya7lelhom 🙂

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Bad Cat !!!

thats what gmasha ( the cat ) did for my husband’s nephew !! alah wegah ! bad bad baaaad cat !!!

she’s not as cute as she looks !

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Shopping: My New Animal Print Shoe Collection !



some store in the avenues ! i just forgot the name !!

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My New Gift!

books from my friend samer .. interesting ..

thanks samora :*

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9/11 What We Saw From Our 36 Floor Apartment

this is a clip made by people was filming the 9/11 attack from their apartment .. you can feel the fear , the shock , and  how tarified they are ..

check mint 22 on the video .. what they say about the middle east ! wala awadem !!!

i hate war , i hate death , i hate terror , i really hate criminals who do their crimes under the name of a religion !

i’am a muslim and i’am not a terrorist ..


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