india Traffic Light Shopping !!

What You Can Get While Waiting For a Traffic Light in india

a little girl begging for money !

Books for sale

magazines for sale

all kind of mobile chargers

key chains and cleaning kit

window shades and back cushion


Last but not least a gay man begging for money hehe

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Like Mother Like Daughter

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Hello Kitty Pops

i loveeeee hello kitty and i just find out how to do hello kitty pops it looks easy to do !!

but iam not a good cook so i wouldn’t even tray ..

Enjoy 😉

to check out more  Pops ideas go to

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Original Lebanese Brands

Story girl

look like a chanel  ?!?!

Sandra j

look like a chanel ?!!?


look like a chanel !!??!?

Well done girls really creative !

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Gold Mine OR Just Trash !?

Chor Bazaar its a place were you can find avery thing from antiques ( if you can identify one ) to just trash ..

from mirrors , mother of pearls chairs , old queen pic ,old trays ,old tiles to old movie films posters

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Camera Bag

By the unique Korea-based designer Jacey Chae

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D&G zbeel

it’s a zbeeel with a D&G Logo !!

hehe that’s funny

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Pin Cushion

The minute you see this plump vinyl pin cushion, you’ll absolutely love it ! you’ll wonder how you can put pins in an inflatable cushion, but  the secret – the cushion is really filled with foam.

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shop names in india !!

malaga thats funny

but inshala’ah  masha’a alah thats creative  😉

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هند رستم في أول ظهور تلفزيوني بعد اعتزالها

elkober shean !!! bas wala ragya , sheek ya rostom 😉

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