Audrey Bath Tub ..

What every footwear fashionista needs after an intense day of shoe shopping … a luxurious soak in a shoe-shaped bathtub!    Italy-based SICIS has created a regal collection of mosaic bathtubs shaped like a woman’s high heel that are appropriately named “Audrey”.  Ican just see Ms. Hepburn relaxing in her shoe-shaped tub after a long day at Tiffany’s.   Picture yourself in one of these beautiful designs.

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Meet yasser Gaessa

Yasser Gaessa was born on the 14th of March, 1970 in Egypt. A Cartoonist where his work included several types and contents, ranging from political comic strips, portraits, children’s books and more.

Gaessa graduated in 1993 with a degree by the Graphic and Cartoon department in the faculty of Fine Arts in Helwan University..

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ToYs Furniture

by Robert Bradford

by greg lynn

by Fernando and Humberto

by Ryan McElhinney

you can do it 😉

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Meet Joana Vasconcelos

joana vasconcelos is a paris born artist who now lives and works in lisbon, she has exhibited
her works around the world ..

The tampon chandelier created by Joana Vasconcelos is named The Bride and is made up of 14000 OB tampons .

stainless steel pot shoe  made out of hundreds of stainless steel pans and covers, Marylin was inspired by the high-heel shoes worn by Marylin Monroe in the infamous clip from “The Seven Year Itch”, when the blond bombshell walks over an air-vent.

she creates crochet covers, patterning existing objects. it is really hard to be able to crochet three-dimensional detail

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Meet Corinne Martin

Fresh new Arabic pop artist Corinne Martin recently revealed an exclusive painting series at DNA, a high-end lifestyle boutique in Riyadh. Born in France and raised in Lebanon, Corinne was then educated in the United States with a degree in Graphic Communications and Art History. Her work includes sculptures featured in U.S. shows such as “Proper Hygene”, “Candy From Strangers”, and “Crime Scenes”. In 2007 Corinne returned to her roots in the Middle East where she began to explore themes of Arabic popular culture through mixed media and painting.

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Siket Safar Seating Design

the luggage that was used in the seating design ..


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Meet Zena el Khalil

Zena el khalil Born in London in 1976, el Khalil spent her childhood in Nigeria and then attended high school in England. She then went to Beirut where she attained her undergraduate degree from the American University in Beirut. In 2002 el Khalil received her Masters of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Beirut I Love You is Zena el Khalil’s rollicking yet tender memoir about living in a city that thrives on contrasts and contradictions.

This is the story of Zena, a young woman who has fallen under the spell of a city that threatens to engulf her in war, grief and love affairs.

Zena el Khalil works in a variety of formats ranging from painting, installation, performance, mixed media, writing, and collage. Themes that are central to her work include issues of violence as well as gender using materials found throughout Beirut.

i love the glitter pink childish touches with politics messages

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The Selby

The Selby is a truly amazing blog put together by photographer Todd Selby. It is a glimpse into the home lives of these artists, authors, designers and other creative folk.  check it out and  look how interesting and beautiful the apartments are.

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Fafi was Born and raised in Toulouse France, Fafi’s strong presence in the graffiti and fine arts scene was first witnessed on her hometown walls in 1994. Back then, as she was painting and hustling, her sexy, funny, and sometimes aggressive girl characters made the whole world look and help kick-start a whole new graphic language; by exploring femininity through stereotypes, and using it to her advantage, she drew enormous attention and thus started to travel the world with thousands of Fafinettes in her brushes and paint cans. Europe, USA, Japan, Hong-Kong, the planet is a playground. And it’s only started. Soon enough Sony would ask her to design a six-character toy set for the Time Capsules collection, an almost natural move for her three-dimensional measures. Other successful figurines would follow, as well as numerous expositions and collaborations with Colette, Adidas, LeSportSac, Coca-Cola, M.A.C cosmetics and countless press stories in the most prestigious magazines (ie. Vogue, Elle, The Face, XLR8R, Yen

Some of Fafi’s products ..

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The wall project started with a blank white wall. It was an initiative to add visual elements of colour, form and texture to a space, to make the area more alive and generate a feeling among people who pass by it daily. Inviting  people, not just artists to come paint, and to hunt for interesting locations to paint. canvas the city!!!

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