i Really Want a Roller Blade !!

i really wanted roller blades for a long time ..

i remember how fun was it like it was yesterday !! but can i move in it as smooth as i used to be ?

or i need a roller skate coz its maybe easier  ? umm !!

i will get me one of those as soon as a come back to kuwait !!

June 19, 2010. ALL, MY, SHOPPING. Leave a comment.

My Obsession To Be Slim

This post is not about layla skandar (the girl from star academy )getting married the kuwaiti businessman (as they say) raed alabkal !

it is about her losing a lot of weight  ?? just to refresh your memory ?

and this is how she look Now

i just need to lose 10 KG to get to my ideal weight .. i want to be tiny and ware size medium or small again ! i hate large and X-large !!

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May 27, 2010. ALL, MY. 1 comment.

New Books

i got my self some interesting fashion books

and finally the famous Meblogging book

April 10, 2010. ALL, FASHION, MY. 5 comments.

My Favorite Perfume by PinkMoon.com

Pink Moon debuts it’s first perfume with an unbelieveable scent that will leave you breathless.

so many people are going to stop and ask you what perfume you’re wearing seriously ..

April 6, 2010. ALL, MY, SHOPPING. Leave a comment.

My Sagittarius Spa Nail Day

They came on time , cute lovely worker very polite..

love the colors details , and  they did a great job .. i recommend them ..

but i will suggest to change the name its little complicated for a nail spa

Sagittarius Spa contact : 97550570

i Like The Hygiene Nail Kit

ummm coffee this time !!

i like the outfit colors detail  😉

My New Color

April 5, 2010. ALL, MY. 4 comments.

The Red Queen inspired Shoes ..

April 4, 2010. ALL, MY, SHOPPING. 1 comment.

My ASAP Salon Day

i call them 2 days before asking them for bedi and meni for my sister ..

they came 1/2 hour earlier umm we weren’t ready for her !

i didn’t like the way things looks ! she didn’t smile or anything but she was polite ..

anyways its a ASAP service for avery thing wax , threading , blow-dry and a lot more ..

contact : 67070533

March 29, 2010. ALL, MY. 4 comments.

Going Back To india

March 25, 2010. ALL, MY. 4 comments.

What Do You Think Of

My Teapot ?! 😉

March 22, 2010. ALL, MY. 2 comments.

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