While siting in my pink room i will be talking about my life what i like , dislike and interested in !

so hope you enjoy my pink girly msg 😉


  1. 7a9ona replied:

    your blog is awsome !
    i really liked it
    wish u all the best 🙂
    and keep thinking pink ;p

  2. M replied:

    Loving the blog!
    keep it going girl:p
    really interesting

  3. tartar replied:

    i like your blog, can i ask you a question, do you live in india or something?

  4. SweetD replied:

    I luv pink..my rooms pink too:D

  5. F A replied:

    ana as3ad insana bil dinya 7aleyyan!! ligait WAYED ashya2 ili a7ibha ib mukan wa7id!!!!!!!!!!! qimmat ilfar7a ini iktishaft hal blog ;*** min il ashya2 ili a7ibha ili sa3aat alagy 9u3ooba ib ini alageeha mitwafra, ihya il FANN LIKWAITY IL7ADEETH (O ILQADEEM) ib kil ashkaalah: decor, hdom, iksiwarat…etc. u covered it all. fa mashkora wayed. yay!

  6. melissa replied:

    Love your blog! I am going to add you to my blogger database to reach out to in the future….do you mind telling me where you are located?

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