i Really Want a Roller Blade !!

i really wanted roller blades for a long time ..

i remember how fun was it like it was yesterday !! but can i move in it as smooth as i used to be ?

or i need a roller skate coz its maybe easier  ? umm !!

i will get me one of those as soon as a come back to kuwait !!

June 19, 2010. ALL, MY, SHOPPING. Leave a comment.

Ibrah Tattoo

The amazing ibrah brand new creations a skin bracelets that was inspired by the chanel skin tattoo ..

The first chain bracelet is by Chanel and the second one, lace bracelet is by Ibrah

How to wear these bracelets?

Simply cut the design you like place it on your wrist, or maybe your ankle , and bring a wet tissue (not so wet) and press on top of the paper until you feel it on your skin.

It will stay for 2 – 6 days. if you want to remove it just use nail polish remover or a warm water and scrub.

available at Fortune Cookie at karizma

and www.pickyourtag.com

price tag !!! 1.500 KD  per sheet not bad at all

June 3, 2010. ALL, SHOPPING. 3 comments.

Fortune Cookie Summer Collection

Check out Fortune Cookie amazing summer collection ..

of dresses , tees , accessories and flip-flops ..

Fortune cookie located in karizma next to alameri hospital

Contact: 94018600

May 29, 2010. ALL, FASHION, SHOPPING. 1 comment.

Shop at S*uce

what i go from s*uce boutique ..

sparkle for a good cause ..

April 18, 2010. ALL, FASHION, SHOPPING. 2 comments.


Fashion Blogger / designer

designed an amazing chanel inspired tee’s

April 16, 2010. ALL, FASHION, SHOPPING. 4 comments.

My Shopping Bag : Net-a-Porter Scarves ..

believe it or not !! this is the first time i order from net-a-porter !!

i loved their service  .. i order 2 alexander mcqueen scarves ..

April 14, 2010. ALL, FASHION, SHOPPING. 4 comments.

O’de Rose – Dubai

O’de Rose A shop with “lifting”retail experience!

a world of self expression and individuality in art, fashion and design.

and this is what i got from O’de Rose

April 7, 2010. ALL, FASHION, SHOPPING, SHOPS. 8 comments.

My Favorite Perfume by PinkMoon.com

Pink Moon debuts it’s first perfume with an unbelieveable scent that will leave you breathless.

so many people are going to stop and ask you what perfume you’re wearing seriously ..

April 6, 2010. ALL, MY, SHOPPING. Leave a comment.

The Red Queen inspired Shoes ..

April 4, 2010. ALL, MY, SHOPPING. 1 comment.

My Shopping Bag : goji boutique order

Love their service and products ..

March 21, 2010. ALL, FASHION, SHOPPING. Leave a comment.

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