Dakhlik ya nunu

i really like this song and marwah’s voice is amazinggggg

but what is the name of the song that marwah’s singing ? i know its fayroz but what is the name of the song ? is it dakhlik ya nunu !!?

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Now i Got My Husband ..

this post for samar , reham, farah and me 😉

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The Fashion Look Book on Youtube

do you know this the look book website ?

well i found the same concept but it calls the video look book

check it out on youtube

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Siket Safar Seating Design

the luggage that was used in the seating design ..


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Michael – Pepsi – 1984

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i Really Wanna See

الفيلم العُماني القصير “نقاب”، للمخرجة مزنة المسافر

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Unbelievable !!

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Bengal Cat For Sale

do you remember my previous post about buying a cat !

i just found a kuwaiti website that sells the Bengal cat ,  Price ? 300 KD

What is a Bengal Cat ?

The Bengal is a relatively new breed of cat which was first bred in the U.S.A and was originally created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat.

The goal in developing the domestic Bengal cat breed was to preserve a resemblance to its beautiful wild ancestor and at the same time the new domestic breed was designed to be a pleasant and trustworthy family companion.

There is no other breed of cat which displays the gold or pearl color of the Bengal. The different coat patterns are either leopard spotted or marbled, on a background colour of brown, or sometimes white. Its pelt has a rich smooth feel of satin or silk.

The Bengal is a large, sleek and very muscular cat with a thick tail that is carried low. voice of the Bengal is different from that of other domestic cats. They can coo and chirp, and like to jump and somersault. affectionate and playful, with the stunning looks of its wild ancestor. They also love to play with water!

cuteeeee i’am in love

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هند رستم في أول ظهور تلفزيوني بعد اعتزالها

elkober shean !!! bas wala ragya , sheek ya rostom 😉

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Look alike

LV chain neckless

asos neckless

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