Kim Kardashion Twitpics

some of her stuff ..nice

just to make me feel better ! she doesn’t look that good in the next pic ? 😛

and she go’s to a laser hair removal

( this is her comment :Just finished laser hair removal at Laser Away! Gotta love being Armenian! )

kim twitpic

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My vintage Chanel

what i got from my mother

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Sarah’s bag New Photo Shooting

and this is what i got from sarah’s bag when i was in lebanon

and i got om kalthom bag a while ago from dia boutique

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What an Amazing Dresses

from fortune cookie eid collection located at karizma

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valleydez Boutique – Dubai

Valleydez -the ‘Valley of Designers’

The design of the store itself represents the creativity and flair of the clothes displayed within. The theme centres around the Marionette in a surreal, theatre-like setting, with drapes and exaggerated tables and chairs hanging from the ceiling and makes the shopping experience truly ‘magical’. like a fantasy world
Valleydez showcases a handpicked selection of unique creations from leading and emerging international designers, imported directly from the catwalks of the fashion capitals of the world: Milan, New York, London, Paris and Tokyo.

located wafi mall

love the interior

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Twin Box

twin box is a new place in lebanon at the city mall .. opened just for 3 months its a Lebanese concept  .. love the big boxes in the middle of the mall but the food is average ..

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New Place Coming Soon

new place opening at 10/10/10 .. next to karizma

umm interesting

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Karl Who ???

Karl’s mysterious “Karl Who?” canvas bag. If there is one thing that we should know about Karl Lagerfeld- is that he is a marketing genius. Sure, why not let the photo hungry paparazzi snap shots, sending subliminal messages to the fashion deprived. First the tote….now the T-shirt!

The Amazing karl was spotted shopping on the streets of Saint Tropez with his bodyguard wearing a “Karl Who?” T-shirt ..

get the look and visit or fortune cookie store at karizma

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10 years of accessories

i wanted to arrange my accessories  ! and i found out i got 10 years of accessories ! since i was 18

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The Amazing View

my father find a small peaceful  gahwa on the mountain with a beautiful view

sitting there in the morning

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