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Marni goat hair bag

Alexander Wang goat hair boot

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I’am Glowing

the other day i went to glow salon for the first time loved the white theme really relaxing ! i felt like i was in a cloud aaahhh amazing ..

i did maniceer and badecer and it was really nice with the massage chair and the amazing turkish coffee

my new color 🙂

i tried their turkish bath .. and it was the most comfortable bath ever with the sponge cushion and avery thing ..

by doing my  eyebrows and finally a blow-dry .. i completed my beauty day ..

the staff was really friendly and the best part ! the total price was 25 (offer ) KD how cool is that !

location : borj alnassar  next to dwar alshareton

call: 22258030

i recommend it

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My Diet Plans Has Change

The other day i was talking to my friend about my new diet and i just remembered that she lost more that 15 KG so i asked her what was her diet !! mashalaah she’s 50 KG .. and she told me i never done any kind of diets all my life !

so akeed you exercise and she Said NO not really! haaa then how did you lost all that weight !?!?!

she told me : just eat when you hungry and stop when your full plus i eat slowly ! you will take more time than dieting to lose weight  but you will stay slim coz  with diets you will gain your weight back fast ..

ummm make sense

so I’am trying this now !!

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My Bling Bling Books

since i’am starting reading sometimes i forget witch book i have read so i decided to do something about it !

a sticker Bling Bling on each book will definitely help me knowing what’s next to read 🙂

*and they will look nice on the book shelfs ( i love bling bling )

* i love old arabic books and all kind of fashion books ..

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Nice or Just OK !!

what do you think of my new wallet ?

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Shopping :My New Sunglasses

got a new sunglasses from eye boutique vintage collection .. love love

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My kinda home – part 1

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Starting my diet today

today i will strart my diet , i will just eat fruits and vegetables and from the diet care sandwiches stand ..

i hope that i will commit this time ..

size small is my target !

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The Gaga Caftan

get the lady gaga look for ramadan !

by Fortune Cookie ramadan collection !

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The end of the WAKA

i wanted spain to win the wold cup 🙂

i watched the word cup final with my family at johnny rockets

it was fun with all the excitement , the good food and my father  ya saaaaater commenting on any close goal hehe

spain congrats 😀

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