attic – india

attic : Fashion & lifestyle Store with a platform of fresh new talent featuring over a dozen designers from across the country.
designs that are contemporary, artsy, quirky.

in an ambience that lets you discover, to explore because you never know what you’ll find in the attic.

attic was founded by four young women – rixi bhatia, amrita deliwala, tinka bhatia and shweta deliwala, a.k.a. the attic rats.

and this is what i got from attic ..


May 18, 2010. ALL, FASHION, SHOPS.


  1. F6aim replied:

    I’m loving these amazing stuff you post from India!
    Just wondering, what part of India you staying at?
    Are they pricey btw? These stuff are being sold here for like waaaay to expensive :/

    • PINK MSG replied:

      thanx alot f6aim ..
      iam in mumbai , big designers are expensive in india but young designers not

  2. oleana replied:

    I love these types of boutiques. You always find fun and original items.

  3. au natural replied:

    love the pillow!

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