Napket icy yogurt by ansam

Normally i only order the chocolate flavor from pinkberry and i don’t like at ALL the other flavors ( green tea – original – Pomegranate ) ..

but when i tried ansam ice yogurt it was really really tasty and very refreshing  , for me ! it taste better than pinkberry , there was no long queue .. the seating area was nice overlooking the pink berry queue hehe , and the service was really good fast and kind waitress..

as soon as i ordered ansam ice yogurt the waitress gave me a BIG smile and write it down 🙂

i recommend it

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Karl Lagerfeld Diet

When fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was experiencing challenges with his weight, he sought the advice of Dr. Jean Claude Houdret, a doctor that specializes in nutrition. They worked together to create the plan that helped Lagerfeld to lose 92 pounds in just over a year so that he was able to achieve his goal of being able to fit into clothes that were designed for younger and slimmer men.

What ‘s in the BOOK?

What To Eat

No refine or fried foods. Some protein but very low percentage of fats. The diet is based on a very low calorie count, starting with a two-week plan of just 800 calories and then increasing the count once the goal has been achieved. A protein supplement created by Dr. Jean Claude Houdret is recommended as a replacement for at least a meal a day.

The Good

Quick results. Pays attention to the emotional factors behind the weight problem.

The Bad

The diet can be dangerous because of its low calorie count. It doesn’t teach anything about proper eating habits. Weakness and dizziness are likely. Too much emphasis is placed on the beauty aspect, even going as far as to recommend plastic surgery or spitting your food in order to achieve goals faster.

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Karl Lagerfeld Coca-Cola

Karl Lagerfeld has designed a Coca-Cola light aluminum bottle. The designer’s silhouette is part of the bottle’s design. The bottle also contains Karl Lagerfeld’s signature. The designer bottle comes in a special box with a bottle opener hidden in a drawer. The french boutique Colette will begin selling the limited edition bottle on April 24th. You can order it here.

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The BAGEL Shop – india

The bagel shop is great for a brunch  , cozy  place with amazing bagels ..

love the atmosphere , service and the food ..

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Hello Kitty Pops

i loveeeee hello kitty and i just find out how to do hello kitty pops it looks easy to do !!

but iam not a good cook so i wouldn’t even tray ..

Enjoy 😉

to check out more  Pops ideas go to

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The ShortCut Booklet

in the amazing  Shortcut Booklet they’ve done it all to present you simply the crème de la crème ..

of art , fashion , beauty ,food , interiors , kids businesses in Kuwait and much more


Available in PDF And it will be available soon in  in GUST, Coffee Republic, and Caribou & more ..

The Shortcut Facebook Group –Link

love the design the new businesses  and the editors notes !!!

Well done !! LOVE LOVE LOVE  ..

you have to get yourself a copy ..

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PappaRoti cafe

when ever you go to dubai mall you have to go to PappaRoti cafe

just get PappaRich’s signature bun, crispy on the outside and filled with a buttery texture inside. Baked with a mocha cream topping to bring out the coffee aroma.. with any type of coffee you like ..

amazinggg !! simple but just write ..

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ice Cream Sandwich

mashro3 ydeed called ice on toast  !!  fi wa7ed  min elma3areth !!

what do you think ! hehe

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latheeth !!

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Dylan’s Candy Bar – NY

Biggest Candy Shop in the WORLD Dylan’s Candy Bar – NY

The owner of  Dylan’s Candy Bar is Dylan Lauren. She is the daughter of  Ralph Lauren

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