Size 8 , 12 or 14 !!

Based on an online survey majority of votes went to the size 12 woman, with 41% saying that she had the body shape of their “ideal girlfriend”. Almost as many men voted for the Nigella Lawson-esque size 14 model.

“A piddling 20% of readers selected our size eight model pictured as their ideal girl.


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i Feel Normal

i really like the way kim kardashian and beyonce looks !!

but lindsay lohan and nicole richie make me feel fat !!!!!

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My ASAP Salon Day

i call them 2 days before asking them for bedi and meni for my sister ..

they came 1/2 hour earlier umm we weren’t ready for her !

i didn’t like the way things looks ! she didn’t smile or anything but she was polite ..

anyways its a ASAP service for avery thing wax , threading , blow-dry and a lot more ..

contact : 67070533

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Trend: Braids

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The Kelly Chanel Bag

interesting !!

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ice Cream Sandwich

mashro3 ydeed called ice on toast  !!  fi wa7ed  min elma3areth !!

what do you think ! hehe

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Going Back To india

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latheeth !!

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Yawmyat Wa7da Q8ya Dathra !!

Yawmyat Wa7da Q8ya Dathra !! by Danderma

Is a weekly dairy about a Wa7da Dathra .. interesting and funny

You have to check it out !

The first dathra post : intro

The last dathra post : in search of an edward cullen


Dathra in q8y roughly translates to someone whose style is out of date.

Style as in yes… clothes looks hair etc. etc. etc….

Superficial eh? it’s what on the inside that count right?

Khair insha2 allah!

Welcome to the land beyond the black whole, where whats right is wrong and whats wrong is right… here we are… watch out… ur in Q8…

and in Q8, being a woman, and a dathra woman… is a big social faux pas!

No no no… let me rephrase that…

It’s basically commiting social suicide…

& this is what happened to our heroin, Dathra…

Yes her nickname, which ain’t far from the truth, is  Dathra… and for this summer i will bask in the dethara of her yawmyat… and i will share that on my blog…  starting tommorow insha2 allah…

BY Danderma

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So You Think You Can Laugh !

Axis of Evil are going to be in Kuwait for the So you think you can laugh” comedy show that will be taking place at AUK on March 29 @ 7:00 PM.

The performers are: Sugar Sammy, Dean Edwards, Maz Jobrani and Ahmed Ahmed

Tickets are sold at AUK
For more info you can call 9999-1008
Regular tickets are 20 KWD and VIP are 40 KWD

My sister and meblogging is going to be there , i really wanted to go but i have to go back to india

Allah Made Me Funny Comedy Show

Allah Made Me Funny is another comedy show will be taking place 7PM on Thursday April 1st, 2010 at the Gulf University for Science & Technology.

You can buy tickets online from their website

or by calling 55258454/94415462

Regular tickets are KD15 and VIP are KD25.


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