Barbie vs Fulla

6ab3an akeed we need to dress the poor doll with plastic to hide her natural skin colour and make it look funny and ugly so our kids wouldn’t be sexually attached or affected by a piece of plastic! so now we are back to the stone age  ..

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Bidoun Lounge

Bidoun’ by Katrin Greiling is a collection of upholstery furniture, created for the Bidoun Lounge during the ArtDubai 2009.

For this line the German/Swedish designer, who recently became Director of Industrial Design at Traffic, the 2007 founded art and design practice in Dubai, studied the lifestyle and traditions of nomadic Arabs and developed a new contemporary interpretation of the original Arab seating.

Details like the cord are inspired by the Bedouin tent, the variation of upholstery fabrics is chosen to reflect the random availability of patterns and is a symbol for traveling and the different cultural influences in Middle East.

Bidoun’ is the first collection developed by Traffic and will be part of a contemporary line inspired by the Middle East.

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My Shopping Bag: what i got from ikea !

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Ham ya 7elona b Google

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ya 7elohom google ma ga9araw 🙂

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i Order Sprinkles Cupcake

i order Sprinkles Cupcake and i ask them for the best 4 flavors they have , coz it was my first time to order ..

and this is what i got ! they look yummy but they taste average .. NOT Nice !!

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3ayeediiii ya kuwait


ya7eloohom ..

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Sara’s Bag Sabbouha Collection !

Sarah’s Bag is honouring pop icon Sabah with the launch of our Sabah Forever collection ..

with Sabah being the  guest of honour ..

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7abeeat !

60ol 3amrik 9abeya ya 9aboo7a

Shoo 7eliw !!!

Mahdomeeen !!

Mabrokeeen 😉

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Being Silly With My Cat


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Ya Kerha !!!!

7awajba et7erni !!!

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Trend: Stacked Gold Bracelets

You can find a great collection of bracelets at

a kuwaiti online shopping website

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