Shopping: My Christian Louboutin Clutch Bag

This is my 50KD Christian Louboutin Clutch Bag witch i got  in 80% discount from the underline store in the avenues ..


September 30, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. enigma replied:

    nice.. what store is that?

  2. alnoury replied:

    wow it looks amazing though the color mmmm abit hard to match with i gusse now ur next clothes will be purpely bright:)
    3alich bel3afya

    • PINK MSG replied:

      haven’t you heard ! purple is the new black 😉

  3. Confashion replied:

    WOW!! Super Bargain!!! love it 🙂

  4. SoCoMoCo replied:

    Mashallah very nice 3laich bl3afia 😀

  5. Zabo0o6a replied:

    That’s soooooo nice !

  6. tartar replied:

    3laich bl3afia, dont you love this store,
    i got the other light peach bag but mine was for 60KD, and same size as yours! lash?

    • PINK MSG replied:

      coz getlhom ina fi cham fa9 6aye7 so abi zyada 5a9em ! hehe
      ni6art 5 mints the did call some one and the she gave me more discount 😉

  7. PINK MSG replied:

    thansk alot confashion ,SoCoMoCo , zaboo6a

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