Fast Food Love Hate Relationship !

i love fast food .. i was thinking how can i manage while dieting so i thought of checking each fast food company website for my favorite meals calories ?!

i was shocked ..

let me tell you what i found out ..

we will compare a medium  french fries calories:

Mcdolands : 380 cal

burger king : 340 cal

hardez: 430 cal

lets compare a cheese burger :

Mcdolands : 300 cal

burger king : 310 cal

hardez: 341 cal

lets see how much calories in my favorite fast food sandwiches not meals  :

Mcdolands ( big mac ) : 540 cal

burger king ( whopper ): 670 cal

hardez (Mushroom ‘N’ Swiss) : 650 cal

so basically  1000 cal per meal !?!?! thats alot !

Now i know if i want to eat fast food i eat half of the meal and the rest of the day i eat salads !!!

so do you want to know why iam over wight !

This me and my sis eating mcdonalds  i wonder the train of sauces how many calories they have !!!


September 9, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. TATA replied:

    You should have a Facebook Likes option. 🙂

    Very shocking indeed!

  2. The Stig replied:

    No body ever admitted the love of fast food, but eventually we need fast food when we’re on the go and no time to sit and chat!

    Actually there’s nothing called SLOW food, but there’s real food instead.

    go to the gym so you don’t feel guilty 😛

  3. custom chrome rims replied:

    im feeling it

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