The Stupid Tall Caramel Macchiato Book

i was so excited to get the tall caramel macchiato book .. i send the driver today to get it from virgin .. the 2 kd book was really bad !!

i will call it a stupid dictionary for dummies .. why do i need someone to tell me what is facebook ! and from where this word comes from ? a loo !!  , or the difference between a purse and hand bag ? or a blog – twitter ?!?!

some of the book amazing words that people really need to know more about  !!

arab -blog-call again – camera – cheers! – coffee – facebook- Loo- magazine – Nice- orange-paparazzi – pass away -purse- text-twitter-whatever – wikipedia and finally USA !!!!!!

so where the title came from ?!!

tall caramel macchiato ! if its your favorite drink and you wonder were the name come from ! buy the book or ask a starbucks worker ..

not recommended

PS: iam amazed with his qualifications at the last page of the book ..

he should  focus  in his  bizniz kardz + logoz company witch designs his book cover .. amazing book cover ..


September 5, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. SweetD replied:

    thats stupid 😛 obviously someone needed to make money fast…copy paste info and make a book! Mashallah

  2. بدر replied:

    هذا اللي مو مصدق ماخذ له ماستر باللغة الأنجليزية وقاعد ينزل له كتب ومقزرها ملاقة وسخافة وهو توه فرخ ماكمل ٢٥ سنة

  3. Yours Truly replied:

    My god I’m so shocked! When I heard about the book I thought that it was a real book with some story, fiction, anything but this! So disappointing…

  4. PINK MSG replied:

    7asafa 3ala el3enwan hehe it was a very good title ..

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