My Diet Plans Has Change

The other day i was talking to my friend about my new diet and i just remembered that she lost more that 15 KG so i asked her what was her diet !! mashalaah she’s 50 KG .. and she told me i never done any kind of diets all my life !

so akeed you exercise and she Said NO not really! haaa then how did you lost all that weight !?!?!

she told me : just eat when you hungry and stop when your full plus i eat slowly ! you will take more time than dieting to lose weight  but you will stay slim coz  with diets you will gain your weight back fast ..

ummm make sense

so I’am trying this now !!


July 24, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. enigma replied:

    well that’s what i do to maintain my weight, and el 7amdellah i’ve always been within my normal range. But this way, it will take ages for you to lose the weight. If she lost more than 15 in a relatively short time then she is definitely not sharing her secret.

    How much are you trying to lose?

  2. PINK MSG replied:

    10 KGs she lost her weight in one year

  3. Nicole replied:

    Hey nice blog ill be sure to keep coming back to read some more.

    Come visit my blog too i got some neat tips all about diet and weight loss.

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