India You Disgust Me

Today i went to a place called boleshor market in india ..

i went there because they told me this is the only place i can get the trucks decoration or i have to go to a 2 hours drive to get them ..

so i went there in this narrow road with a alot of people holding boxes shouting, pushing and you can barley walk around the cows and the cows poop every ware you don’t know what to do ?  .. but it gets worse … it rains  .. a very heavy rain ..

the situation was me in my sandal  , cow poop everywhere  .. a lot o rain .. the car is so far ..

i decided to stand under one of the shops covers so i was standing next to this sweet nice lady 🙂

her name is khadeja she’s muslim !  thats it ! i cant tell you anything more coz i can’t speak hendi and she don’t speak english .. so Da3ena ana ma3aha hehe o 5af elme6ar o mishena .. she so cute ma sketat 6ol ma7na wagfeen !! o ana mo fahmatha 😛

we9a5 we9a5 we9a5 !! its not  a normal we9a5 !!

PS: mo no3ey anerif min kil shay wala 7asasa bas elyom ‘3ear

i washed my feet coz i felt disgusted ,lots of nasty things was on my feet ..

and surprise !! a cow poop on my jeans ???? eeeewwwww i really wanted to go back home to take a shower.. but i needed to go and pick up my husband from work and that took me 1 hour !

india in monsoon disgust me

* i couldn’t buy the truck decoration ..


June 28, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Me Blogging replied:

    waaay ma’saha allah y3eenich
    and I love those trucks enshallah next time you can buy the decoration

    enzain entay etsogeen hnak? wela ma3akom sayeg?

  2. PINK MSG replied:

    hala 7abeebty .. la wala ma asog sayeq shware3hom loya o etthayeg el5elg

  3. k replied:

    omg thats really disgusting alla y3eenk 😦
    i love ur nail polish btw 😀 is it essie ?

  4. Alya replied:

    Ana ma77ad mshawegni 3ala India ila intay :p If I ever decide to go, I will ask you to make me a custom-made shopping trip (or I’ll look thru the blog again to find all the shops) :p

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