is lady gaga Trashing Her Birkin ?!

What else Lady Gaga dare not to do? This time, she wrote some Japanese on her Hermes Birkin bag when her Monster Ball tour in Japan.

she was snapped walking through the airport carrying abright white Birkin with the message ‘I love Little Monster, Tokyo love’ for her japanese follower ..

And that wasn’t all. As if graffitiing all over her beautiful Birkin wasn’t enough, she also had the same message scrawled up her lower arm, next to her real ‘Little Monsters’ tattoo.

she really like the idea ! so she studded her another Birkin another bag !

and she loves the idea even more  !! she did the same thig with a bigger bag 🙂

Personally, I still think it rocks. It’s her bag… she can do what she wants with it!

Birkin-worshipper victoria beckham would have tears in her eyes if she caught sight of these pics.


June 26, 2010. ALL, FASHION.


  1. s.. replied:

    i almost had tears in my eyes!

  2. Alya replied:

    I, myself, would cryyyyy if even a scratch happened to mine. Ibsara7a broo7ha tiswa malyon ma3ash! hal marra I tamper with it!

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