My Obsession To Be Slim

This post is not about layla skandar (the girl from star academy )getting married the kuwaiti businessman (as they say) raed alabkal !

it is about her losing a lot of weight  ?? just to refresh your memory ?

and this is how she look Now

i just need to lose 10 KG to get to my ideal weight .. i want to be tiny and ware size medium or small again ! i hate large and X-large !!


June 18, 2010. ALL, LOSE WEIGHT, MY.


  1. Dalal (om 3azoz) replied:

    Killna belhawa sawa 😉
    I’ve been seriously dieting and exercising since Novemeber, and I did lose weight, but now it is a very slow and frustrating descent, and their are days when I lose it and attack food as if I haven’t ate in a millennium. In the end it is all about the right choices of food and lots of exercise and think of it as losing weight because you want to be fit and healthy.

    • PINK MSG replied:

      hehe .. yah ma3ach 7ag .. i will try to workout more

  2. newbride replied:

    woow walah elth3f 3ajeeb 😦 in my hall life i was thar sjinny girl now i need to loose 15 kg .

    and am ready to do anything , so i am taking pills , i lost 7 kilos in 30 days , am back to size 12 UK 🙂

    i know it is not healthy but maleet khala9

    • PINK MSG replied:

      wooow mashalaah what kind of pills ?
      your half way there 😉

  3. Zabo0o6a replied:

    How much weight you loosed so far?
    i need to looose five , i’m not eating that much but since the exams 7addah gelat 7reka :/

    • PINK MSG replied:

      i was 66 know 64 !! so 2 KG :/
      i need to be 54 just to reach my ideal weight ! not to be slim and tiny then i need 4 KG more 🙂

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