What i Got From Sul6an Center

Heat wraps ! i think i can use them when i’am traveling or at work when i can’t get my hottie

reeses snack barz ! every thing with reeses taste amazing

vanilla tea .. its normal red lipton tea but with vanilla flavor  .. really tasty

Rose with french vanilla .. taste like herbal tea but with nice aroma

peppermint and english toffee .. didn’t try it yet but i love mint and i like toffee

starbucks doubleshot  energy+coffee (coffee)… didn’t try it yet but i think i need it for an early morning day 😉

starbucks doubleshop energy+coffee (vanilla)… didn’t try it yet

i think world cup Coca-Cola bottle

Ben & Jerry’s Creme Brulee  !! too sweet for me !


June 9, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Zabo0o6a replied:

    I soo wanna try the therma care i used to use something similar from london, if u tried it limme know? plz

  2. BNDQ8 replied:

    do let us know if the therma care works..i could use some!!i have tried all expect the ben & jerry’s Creme brulee…will get it soon!! 🙂

    • PINK MSG replied:

      i will update you as soon as i try it ..
      and tell me what you think of ben & jerry’s Creme brulee ? 😉

  3. s.m replied:

    its taste not test…glad everythings “tests” good, must try

  4. cabin replied:

    s.m min gal test? so2al intay wain tigrain? o itha galat test, shil mishkila? ilmohim ilma3louma iwsalat..allah i3eenich 3ala nafsich ana agool:)..get a life!

    • s.m replied:

      she fixed it, its ok tara mo 3eeb ina ilwa7id i9ali7 7g ghaira, 3eeb etha tam 3ala ilghala6, and i really love this blog if i didnt i would not even care to comment ,

      • PINK MSG replied:

        s.m : yes i did fix it , thanks a lot for your comment o lesh nabahteni 🙂 iam really happy that you love my blog .. and i hope you enjoy my posts ..
        bas etha ma kint ‘3al6ana you can’t say everythings tastes its everything tastes or everything’s taste ma e9er both of them fehom (S) ( i think !!! ) 😛
        love u 2 :***

    • PINK MSG replied:

      thanks a lot my dear bas i know my spelling mo shay hehe bas 3ala goltich elma3loma to9al ..

  5. tat replied:

    hatha blog u can spell what ever u want they way u wanted…

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