india Traffic Light Shopping !!

What You Can Get While Waiting For a Traffic Light in india

a little girl begging for money !

Books for sale

magazines for sale

all kind of mobile chargers

key chains and cleaning kit

window shades and back cushion


Last but not least a gay man begging for money hehe


April 28, 2010. ALL.


  1. QuestionQ8 replied:

    the selection of books isn’t bad ba3ad;p

  2. ME Blogging replied:

    abbaaaaay la mo 6abe3e

    wallah il gay guy, maasaaaaa

    did you take the pictures? they look amazing

  3. habbosh replied:

    the gay dude am sure u gave him money he is creative and funny 🙂

    • PINK MSG replied:

      LOOOOOL yes i did ! he dance and winks hehe he was funny and friendly ..
      and the way he ran when the car moves was so funny hehehe

  4. Me Blogging replied:

    malait o ana akteb ta3leeg o ma ye6la3

    el picture etha7koon khe9oo9an el gay guy

    did you take these pictures?

    • PINK MSG replied:

      yes i did waaaay ta3aly shofay eloya 3ashan a6ali3 elkamera min elgan6a o a9awerhom hehehe

  5. au natural replied:

    hahaha really funny! loved the post

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