Tappu Ki Dukaan – india

Tappu Ki Dukaan is a quirky store that located above eyeglasses store when i say above i mean you enter the eyeglasses store  get up  stairs ..

only then you will get to see the cute collation that they have ..what’s great about this shop that all the products are made by indian designers ..

Tappu Ki Dukaan is the brainchild of  27 years old Sneha Raisoni  ..

And this is what i got ! lovely coasters 🙂

well done girl love your store 😉


April 17, 2010. ALL, SHOPS.


  1. Zabo0o6a replied:

    Wadeeeni weyaj 😛

  2. za3bo6a replied:

    7abeetah ilmokan and tea pot 7elow and ilgl9at haman

  3. saika replied:

    cant i shop online

    • PINK MSG replied:

      i don’t think so they have an online store ?

  4. habbosh replied:

    eltea pot mo 6abeee3i abbbiiiiiiii wallla sij buy it for me

    • PINK MSG replied:

      hehe yah it looks nice but the print is paper not printed !

  5. Pink GirL replied:

    eshawqoon ,, wen mkanaah ??
    waied 7abeet al gla9at :>

  6. owais replied:

    Amazing,TKD is gonna be a huge brand Soon!!!

  7. Debbie replied:

    Really different ,refreshingly different … wish you had a store somewhere in the suburbs :-(( do you have a dedicated website?

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