PappaRoti cafe

when ever you go to dubai mall you have to go to PappaRoti cafe

just get PappaRich’s signature bun, crispy on the outside and filled with a buttery texture inside. Baked with a mocha cream topping to bring out the coffee aroma.. with any type of coffee you like ..

amazinggg !! simple but just write ..


April 3, 2010. ALL, FOOD.


  1. Danderma replied:

    mmm shakle baroo7 one day trip to dubai atryaq feeh o arj3! Thanx for sharing 😀

  2. yellowkurkum replied:

    This is by far the most delicious bun I’ve had .. TYANNIN!
    lazim lazim yba6loon one in Kuwait!

  3. za3bo6a replied:

    loooooove it shawagteeni pink msg :*

  4. Ibra replied:

    I had it with turkish coffee on the side !! IT WAS AMAAAAAAAAZING!!!!

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