Size 8 , 12 or 14 !!

Based on an online survey majority of votes went to the size 12 woman, with 41% saying that she had the body shape of their “ideal girlfriend”. Almost as many men voted for the Nigella Lawson-esque size 14 model.

“A piddling 20% of readers selected our size eight model pictured as their ideal girl.



March 31, 2010. ALL, LOSE WEIGHT.


  1. q8othug replied:

    size 14 FTW !!


    • Meagan replied:

      Right now, I’m on at the high end of 16, and I would give anything to be a 12. Not only does it look good, it looks like you’re at a healthy weight. If you get too much below a size 10, you look almost sickly.

      • Lauren replied:

        That’s not true at all. I’m a size two. I can’t gain weight to save my life. You have to remember some people can’t gain it just like you can’t lose it. I don’t look sickly just like you don’t took like a beach ball.

    • maureen replied:

      no way that girl is a size 8.. more like a size 4…
      I am a size 8.. I would know.

  2. Dalal (om 3azoz) replied:

    Hmmm.. I’d go for a size 12 too *Sigh* I used to be size 12 and working to get into that shape, hubby and suprizingly other men would go for a size 16. My friends and relatives seem to prefer fuller women. Some of them comment calling thin girls, Match Sticks!and nothing sexy about them 😉

  3. swera replied:

    damn size 14 is sexier than the other ones! but i’d prefer to be size 12 coz it’s better incase u start gaining weight 🙂

  4. um-mit3ib replied:

    12 w china el 3eed;P

  5. Her replied:

    mmm… shfee size 10? :p

  6. Rob replied:

    If I had to choose, the order would be, according to size, 14, 12 and then 8. Curves are a wonderful thing on women. Making love to the size 8, would be like making love to a pillowcase filled with coathangers.


    • Ashley replied:

      I’m a size 6-8 and I work hard for my body, I am extremely healthy. I’d rather be that than a latex glove stuffed with oatmeal.

  7. sumi replied:

    wow..defo size 12 i wish i could be 14’s okay but 12 is best but 8 eeeeeewwwww to thin i have some OVER curves lol size 16 eww need to loooooseeee size 12 eeree i comeee

  8. sam replied:

    the size 14 is incredibly pretty, but the size 8 is gorgeous… but on another point…whats wrong with a size 8? women are beautiful in all of these sizes.

  9. af replied:

    size 6 asian

  10. Mimi replied:

    Whoever made this site is a chunky woman trying to make herself feel better about her size. First of all, i am a size 4 and i look way thicker than that “size 8” model in the picture. She is def. not a size 8, she is much less. Her body looks like my cousins who is a size zero. I am a 4 but i am an athletic built which means i got an ass and fit, athletic legs.
    Size 12 model looks a lot skinnier than my size 12 friend.
    This doesn’t make any sense to me.
    Also, if you wanna be attractive, you should be the right size for your body. Size 12 or 14 is way too fat for some and just because they arent that size, doesnt mean they are stick thin.

    So stupid…

    • size 00 replied:

      AMEN SISTER!!!

      • annie kelly replied:

        shut ur face i am a size 14 there is nothing wrong with curvy women like myself xxx

    • Meg replied:

      Actually, a size 4 is an English size 0… so unless you’re claiming you’re a size 0 (or not English, which is fine!) then you must be a size 8.. and even if you are thicker – you can be inbetween sizes remember. As for size 0’s, it’s unhealthy. So is a big plus size. But ofcourse, everyone finds different sizes to be attractive, so each to their own.

      • KB replied:

        size 0 is not unhealthy if you are someone with a naturally small frame. i have a friend who is very healthy and still a size 0 bc its just het body frame. “size” is just a number, what really matters is what your healthy weight range is for your height and genetic hystery. There’s stil a large group of “skinny fat” out there who are just born thin but are not healthy and time will tell, my grandmother always thin ate whatever she wanted sadly dies of colin cancer bc of her poor eating and lifestyle. We need to spend less time compairing womens bodies and be the best shape for ourselves…and be much more gracious to overwheight OR underweight girls…its all a struggle!

    • MJ replied:

      This article is an Australian newspaper so an 8 in Australia is a 4 in the US 🙂

    • christina replied:

      totally agree. that’s not ANY of their sizes. it’s pull.

    • LM replied:

      because these are UK sizes dumbass… you are obviously in the USA. before you start mouthing off make sure of your facts… and how can you possibly say that the woman that came up with the survey is a fat girl trying to make herself feel better? how short sighted, narrow-minded and ignorant of you? do you know her?
      get off your skinny high horse and stop judging others by your standards… and if you insist on doing so then at least don’t belittle others in the process…
      PS: before you think what i know you will… i am not a fat girl trying to make myself feel better… i am a size 8 who wishes i could be a size 12…

    • Laura replied:

      These women are models, which probably means they’re tall. At 5 10 a size 8 is thin.

    • K replied:

      Word!!!! I am a 4/6ish and I am way bigger than that size 8 model. So these people’s are cray!!!

  11. adzwick replied:

    I prefer a size 12-14 women any day and some size 16’s depends on how they carry themself and the height matters!!
    I reasonable guy would not want to date a size 16 woman if shes only say 5’4″ she has to be at least 5’8″ tall. And as for size 8… no thanks ill passed been with a size 8 girl and theres just nothing there no curves and i do love a womans curves!!A womans body to me has got to be the most beautiful thing on Earth!!but my preference is size 12-14!!rant done!hehe

  12. vanessa replied:

    they’re all photoshopped regardless.

    • Alissa replied:

      I agree. I am a size 12 and 5’9″ and im pretty sure thats not what i see when i look in the mirror. i think these sizes need to be re-labeled… the 1st one looks more like a size 4. The next looks like an ACTUAL 8, and the last one looks like a 12.. but this is just my opinion. i could be wrong, but come on, lets be realistic here.

      • Amber replied:

        i agree,i think that the size 12 model is a lot smaller than 12.she looks more like the 8. Im a 12 and im 5’8 and that’s not what i see in the mirror either lol. definitely need to be relabeled this!

      • cara replied:

        they’re probably using British sizing, so a British size 12 would be a size 6-8 US.

  13. K replied:

    This is ridiculous. Walk into three different stores and try on your perceived size in each. Nothing will fit correctly. There is no size standard in the world, measurement charts are constantly changing, and it is now the norm for clothing manufacturers to change the sizes according to demographic. A young woman, when faced with two pairs of identical pants labelled a 12 and an 8, will always choose the 8. Always. Also, women with features that require larger sizes (Ex. Women with G-cup breasts, but only a 34 band width) will make the common excuse “I have to buy larges so my chest isn’t squished.”

    It’s fact, and we will never escape it. I think the majority of women would be happy with any given size as long as the little things like cellulite or discoloration disappeared. If my stretch marks from pregnancy were gone, I know for a fact I would be a lot less self conscious about my heavier bottom half. Hell, even a more proportionate figure would be better.

    Either way, there are no true sizes and I wish there was a broader outlook on our perception of “beauty.” I’m not talking personality; I’m referring to the fact that most plus size women have incredibly beautiful facial features. And most stick thin women have stunning things. I don’t think the whole picture should downplay someone’s truly beutiful characteristics.

  14. Rizzie Vengeance replied:

    Some people on here are very ignorant. You can clearly tell who is too sucked into hollywood. Perfect doesn’t exist, all these women are beautiful now stfu && grow up.

  15. Sarah replied:

    I had to take a class on making clothing, and we were discussing the standard clothing measurements (NOT the numerical numbers, but the actual inches measurements). My teacher was a size six, and she had more meat on her than the supposed size 8 model. I would, having been a bit more trained to recognize these things now, hazard that they go, left to right, size 4, size 8, and 12. Of course it is hard to tell because of the retouching. Regardless, I find all of them attractive in their own ways.

  16. Sally replied:

    I think you could get a better size 8 model. She is more like a size 10 if she had the same BMI as the other two. I think at least. I’m size 8, but am in between the size 8 and 12 like in shape of body. I am very physically fit so I’m fairly toned but I don’t go out of my way to be thin. I just eat healthily -how I was brought up- and exercise by riding several horses a day. I want to become a jockey so in future I will need to be thinner. 🙂 But yes… in these pictures the size 12 looks best. But the other two arn’t bad ether.

  17. Heather replied:

    is it really any better to start a new body ideal? “oy, girls! Now you have to be a 14 in order to be considered wanted or beautiful!” I get it.. the point is that we shouldn’t be focusing on thin thin thin all of the time, especially when it’s not even usually desired. but we really need to be pushing for a diverse set of bodies to be portrayed- everything from those slim size 2’s (they do exist naturally) up to size 32’s or whatever. No body size should be the “ideal”- they should all be appreciated and seen for their beauty.

  18. Makeup Artist in Miami, Florida replied:

    size 8

  19. abby replied:

    what kind of size 8 are we talking about? a kid’s? i’m sorry, but i wear dress size 0-2 and i’m WAY bigger than that girl on the left and look more like the girl in the middle.

  20. maria replied:

    the size 8 one looks like size 6,
    size 12 looks like 10
    and size 14 looks like 16…
    i think models are a little out…

  21. Lilli-Anne replied:

    I feel that the size 14 looks better. In my opinion she has more curves giving her an hour glass figure and an hour glass figure will look great in almost any outfit.

  22. kailey replied:

    honestly, the size 8 girl in this picture has no hips which is why she doesn’t look so great (and i’m sure whoever staged this picture did that on purpose). i was a 12 all through middle AND high school, and i was a size 5 when i got pregnant with my first child, and a 7/8 when i got pregnant with my second child. now i am a size 12. PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT THIS SIZE 12 WOMAN IS FIT! she obviously works out and keeps her body tight. size 12 is sexy if you are in shape. it is not sexy if you’re all flabby like i am now after two children. man, this just makes me realize how badly i need to put good use to my gym membership.

    our bodies were not meant to carry a bunch of extra weight. if you’re over 160, it is unhealthy.

  23. stephaybabe replied:

    ok so erm

    im a size 14 but i can fit into size 12 skirts and i wear size 10 panties?
    but everyone says i have the sexiest ass ever! :L

  24. Lis replied:

    People, this is UK sizes, not US. Learn the difference.

  25. Augusta replied:

    This is awesome! 🙂 I’ve lost almost 100lbs in the last year, and have gone from a size 22/24 to a 12 (in American Eagle jeans). I’m probably closer to a 14 everywhere else, but, I’m so much happier with my body now that I’m healthy; and have become a coach to help others. 🙂 Strong is the new skinny. I would so much rather be a 14 and strong than a 4 and weak. And I agree, I think those sizes are a bit misconstrued for America’s size…and that’s unfortunate. We have slowly increased the inches for sizes to ‘adapt’ to our obesity epidemic. If any of you ladies need inspiration, motivation, or help, feel free to shoot me a message 😉

  26. Elizabeth replied:

    Whatever the actual sizes of these girls, and whether the sizes they have been given are North American or European is, I think, a secondary issue. What I think is the biggest issue is the severe editing that has gone on in the photo. This photograph is obviously another ploy to bash smaller people in the pursuit of acceptance for larger people. I’m not going to spout a painfully overused cliche and say that all these girls are beautiful in their own way, because that goes without saying. What I find irritating is this new fad saying that “real women are not size zeroes”. Well fuck you. They are. Saying things like that seems like an immature and ignorant revenge for people who are upset by the glorification of tiny girls in the media. (btw, I’m a North American size 8) If it’s ok to bash size zeroes to makes larger girls feel better, then it should also be acceptable to say “say no to size 16” to make smaller girls feel better (because, believe it or not, some girls actually don’t like being small and it bothers them as much as it bothers people who are overweight). yet something about that seems offensive.
    Anyways, back to the picture and its editedness. It’s obvious that while all the girls have been retouched to “glow” with flawless skin more than they otherwise would, the girl on the left has been edited to look less attractive than the other two. You can see her boney knees, the muscle definition in her leg, and the bones of her ankles. Her hair also looks a bit dead and fuzzy. The other two girls have been edited to look softer. Their legs are perfectly rounded, their knees and ankles smooth, and their hair is voluminous. Of course people are going to find them more healthy and attracitve looking. I doubt that without editing these two girls on the right would not have knoby knees and boney ankles and definition in their legs just like anyone else. I realize this may seem like a useless observation, because it is mainly about the sizes of these girls (the number being completely irrelevent), but the overall goal of the photograph is upsetting. It’s sick that it is designed for any of these girls to look any more beatiful than the others. Honestly, they all look healthy, which is what matters. So stop fussing about sizes.

  27. anon replied:

    I personally think that, getting into the lower area of sizes is unhealthy, but the voting also had to do with figure. Not everyone has the same figure at the same size. All beautiful girls though. 🙂

  28. alyssa replied:

    its insane how im size 6/8, and half the time I feel like I’m a size 14, but looking at this picture I would love you be size 12, it’s crazy how the image of yourself is so distorted…

  29. Wendy replied:

    I think those sizes are wrong. The one on the left is definitely not an 8 (I’d say a 0 or 2). The one in the middle is more of an 8, maybe a 6. (I used to be a size 8 and that was what I looked like.)

  30. Char replied:

    There is NO way that the girl that’s a size 8 is really an 8. She’s definitely a 2 or 4!

  31. Alexa replied:

    Okay I’m a size 4 but i look more like the size 12.

  32. Hayley Cooke replied:

    it depends on your body frame and your height but i’d def choose the size 14. curves are sexy! they should be encouraged

  33. Tiffany replied:

    I work in fashion, those girls are not an 8,12, and a 14 respectfully. I am 5’9 and I am a size 10/12 and I wish my body looked like that chick in the middle! The size 12 girl is probably a size 8 and the the 14 is a size 10/12 The first girl is has to be at least a size 4. I agree curves are sexy but a size 14 on the average woman(who is usually about 5’5′) is not healthy. Like I said I am a pretty tall girl and a size 10/12 with an athletic build I still need to loose probably 15 lbs to be in a healthy weight range. Pictures like this do nothing to help the growing obesity epidemic.

  34. nicole replied:

    they all look beauitful but there is no way that, that women is a size 12. she looks smaller like a size 10.

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