Saudi Princess Deena Abdulaziz

Deena Abdulaziz is no ordinary princess, she is a Saudi Arabian deity of style. Dividing her time between New York and her native Riyadh, this globetrotting mother of three is climbing today’s fashion ranks as the new cross-cultural ambassadress of East-meets-West style.

True, her wedding dress was designed by Azzedine AlaÏa and Christian Louboutin named a shoe after her, but Abdulaziz doesn’t just look fabulous, she helps others look fabulous, too. In 2006 she opened her own museum-like boutique, DNA, in her hometown of Riyadh.

Her very own boutiques website is DNA Riyadh.


she’s not a princess her father is a former Ministry of Communications Ali Al-Juhani .. Her name deena ali al juhani

she’s married to a royal family .. her husband is the son of nasser bin abdulaziz ..


February 17, 2010. ALL, FASHION.

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  1. HIBA replied:

    haloo love ur blog by the way
    and note she is not alsuod familly and not a princess she was given by getting married to one bas she is trying to be the next majid alsabah in kuwait very picky in who goes to her boutique bas she is elegant i agree

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