THE Black Marker ..

i wanted to check the latest hairstyles this year so i got the hair & beauty magazine ..

and while i was looking around i saw sha5abee6 on my magazine ( in blue ink ) ? whaaat! why ? is it used magazine !! but no it wasn’t coz when i looked closer ! i realize it was the mark for the spot that needed to be covered in black marker ? OOMMMMGGG !!!! its a hair magazine ! plz just check the marks there is nothing wrong in the pics !!!

shfeha bala hal 9ora ?? anyway is suppose to look like the one below !

i always wonder who will get this job ?!?

so ya3ni he/ she go to work at 7 or 8 am ! get a stack of  magazines and black marker and start marking till 2 pm ??

you know what !! why don’t they do a muslim version of vogue !!

o esawooon nafs elaaa5 ???

Thats stupid !!!


February 3, 2010. ALL, MY.


  1. Dalal A A F replied:

    LOL!!! Lucky you! I hate it when I’m reading something in a mag. and suddenly the next page is missing because it had an ad with some cleavage or thighs! So I stopped buying mags all together 😉

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