iam trying to read these days !! and having reading as a habit !!

so i went to my family library and get some old books with well non Egyptian writers like ( e7san 3abdelgdos and najeb ma7foth)

and alot of other arabic books .

its hard to find really good books to read .. but i got a book called ( banat elthanaweya ) for a young Kuwaiti writer ..

the book is really good .. it kept me reading for 2 days just to find out what will happened to the girl in the book !!

it is a nice book and  well written, i will try to buy more of this writer work !!


January 26, 2010. MY.


  1. ba6alah replied:

    all this books = few days ? i don’t think so :/
    it’s good to know there is people still interesting in reading, I recommend “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins

    • PINK MSG replied:

      looool akeed la’a !! these books to choose from 😉
      i will look for it ! but i don’t read english books !!

  2. Dalal A A F replied:

    I don’t read Arabic books 😦 tried but couldn’t get interested in it :s

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