The One And Only

i decided to do my nails !

i was asking for a nail bar to go to ! it turns out that in mumbai they have only 1 nail salon and it’s called nail spa !

i call them and take an appointment for pedicure and refill my acrylic nails .. i was 15 mints late ( just a bad habit i’am always late )

but it terns out that the pedicure is done by men !! what !!!!!!! lesh ?? she told me  coz men they do a better job in scrubbing than woman !!! ya3ni ta5ayalay sayegkom masik relich o yafrekha !!  looool wayed elmanthar ‘3ala6 !

anyway ! i  just refill my nails !! and i will buy a nails kit for next time coz 7adi ma ra7 asta5dem she’3ilhom a7esa kilish  mo m3agam !

love the color .. ma 7abeat te9ebeg-hom !! 🙂


January 24, 2010. MY.


  1. ba6alah replied:

    hathy law hayef mawjood chan aqaam 3alaich el 7ad :r

    • PINK MSG replied:

      loooool ee walaah hehe
      waaay ya kerha 9ej hayef !! ma a7eba 🙂

  2. Dalal A A F replied:

    7ada wai3! a36y reeli 7ag rayal yafrekha! What did she say when you cancelled the pedicure?

    • PINK MSG replied:

      ee walah wai3 !! in9edamt ! getlaha ee tra elrefill b6awel o ra7 ayeey next time ma3a 3idety o asawi pedicure !! 7adi twahagt !!
      ma 7aset-ha egtan3at wayed hehe coz 9arly sa3a asa’el feha leash rayal !

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