Am i A Loser ?

iam trying to lose weight and like everybody else i will go for 3 days and then stop !!

i will write avery thing i eat avery day and how many hours i exercise !

so basically my Blog biggest Loser ..

iam 65 KG i need to lose 15 ???

will i be 50 KG in 3 months ?

let’s see what happens !


January 13, 2010. LOSE WEIGHT, MY.


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  4. Dalal A A F replied:

    Girl! I just discovered your blog and I’m really enjoying it!!! Love the diet diary. We are all going through the samething, but what I’m seeing is you’re doing it all wrong. In the past 3 months I lost 15kg and I still have a long way to go.
    First you need to go to a nutrionist. She/he will help you with your diet. & isn’t 50Kg is too much? How tall are you?
    Second you need to commit to exercising. With my own body I discovered that 90min. session of exercise is what works for me and I see great resaults, and I do it five times a week at the least. If you’re the type who gets bored quickly then you need to diversify your exercise. One day go walking, another day go cycling, or swimming, Yoga is amazing (it makes you feel really good), tennis is fun.
    If you crave fast food, then buy them from diet care or diet center or Lofat. They are very Yummy!
    I know I said too much. But I will follow your blog closely 😉 Good Luck!

    • PINK MSG replied:

      thanks a lot for your comments dalal .. i’am a short girl 158 SM thats why i think 50 kg is just perfect …
      i will tray to exercise more but i don’t like nutritionists !! i wont last a day in there programs ..
      good luck to you 2 with your diet my dear 😉

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