Yazeena o Ya7alata

Yesterday i went to Mirzam Manifesto exhibition , i really love Anas Al-Omaim and Jassim Al-Saddah work

i love the idea and the artistic side of it .. but i wish they were a little bit bigger  and they told me they can make them one size bigger than their original size .

The first edition is out of stock ! but you can get the second and the third edition of their work ..

Here is the  pieces that i like , i was really confuse witch one to get coz i love them all !!

so here is a side of their exhibition ..  Help me witch one to get 😉

ashkal o arnag

el7ar 3ind elteyar

narik wala yanat ahaly

ya sheen elsirj 3al bogar


hawW !!

mear kilish

weey !!!!

all the above pieces their price range is between 50 to 80 KD , umm not bad

If your interested  to check their full collection  you can check puddle of red


December 27, 2009. ALL, ART.


  1. ME replied:

    I liked (ya sheen elsirj 3al bogar)

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